International Studies

How has this led to the idea of “transnational justice”?

essay assignment of 2 questions, 3 pages each, to test knowledge. The exclusive use of references is mandatory.
Please follow all directions below.
Question 1: In what ways has the international community’s concern with human rights evolved since 1945? How has this led to the idea of “transnational justice”?
Question 2: In your view, are economic, political, social, or cultural rights more critical for the pursuit of transnational justice?
Both answers should rely only on the references for substantiation of arguments. Please do not go to the internet to “search” for answers, but create your own argumentation and support it with readings and materials from the class.
Globalizing Justice : Critical Perspectives on Transnational Law and the Cross-Border Migration of Legal Norms By: Donald W. Jackson, , Michael C. Tolley, , and Mary L. Volcansek
The Costs of International Justice
By: David Wippman