Develop a handout to give to patients that explains the nurse practitioner’s rol

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Develop a handout to give to patients that explains the nurse practitioner’s role in clear, concise language. Incorporate the strengths of the relationship from the book Jesus CEO.
the explanation for the handout
Step-by-step explanation
Descriiption of NP:
Explain what a nurse practitioner is, also, about what a nurse practitioner does.
What a nurse practitioner does is a broad thing to explain since being in this field you take different roles and functions but everything is worth it as long as you do your best to attain your goal.
What a NP can do for patients:
There are a lot of things you can tackle here.
You can describe the roles of nurse practitioners so they will have the better picture. They are involved in health promotion, disease prevention, assessment, providing primary care, creating plans, implementing interventions, and evaluating the result. The nurse practitioner also acts as a health educator, coordinator, and counselor.
You may also check with your reference textbook in Fundamentals of Nursing subject. Look for the topic of the roles of a nurse practitioner. List down the one-word roles and explain them one by one briefly so they can be read easily.
Satisfaction rates with NP:
You can focus on reading on the “strengths of the relationship” part of the reference given.
The lessons could also help you in this subject and any other areas of your life.

Remember that as a nurse practitioner, your relationship with the patient should be set in the first place by establishing rapport. There should be a clear understanding of your role as a health practitioner and the patient’s role as a partner in the improvement and effectiveness of their overall health and well-being. Effective communication plays an important part in achieving goals. Also, you establish on relationship with the patient’s family and other health practitioners who will be involved in the care management. Let the patient feel cared for, heard, loved, and encouraged in the entire course of management. Let everyone involved in the management feel their importance in every role they take in the attainment of the common goal.
Ease of Readability, Spelling, Grammar. Double-check your grammar and spelling.
Make sure it’s readable. Keep on reading it until you (yourself) understand it easily. Allow it to be read by any member of your family/friends and ask what part do they find difficult to understand. Then, you may revise and reread it before submitting it as your final output. If you find it hard to check, you can use the top grammar checking applications or writing applications online. Check out the free versions.
APA (citations, references)
Do not forget to cite your textbook resources.
Layout of Handout (white space, pictures, amount of content)
You can make use of free graphic design platforms when you layout. You can also check on free stock photos and elements available. Make sure it’s free to use. Choose simple photos or elements to add to your handout.

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