Hi writer, This unit is called JNB163 Commercial and Transport Law. This specifi

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Hi writer,
This unit is called JNB163 Commercial and Transport Law.
This specific assignment is a case study and REQUIRES to be in a IRAC approach format (example filed). So please i beg know something in law if you take on this assignment.
The scenario/case study:
Mr Luis Gonzalez, a migrant from Mexico, has been residing in Launceston, Tasmania, since 2016. After a period of studying, in earlier 2021, he obtained Certificate III in Commercial Cookery from TasTAFE. Despite all difficulties caused by the pandemic, he decided to spend all his savings in opening a restaurant serving an authentic Mexican cuisine in Launceston – “Tabasco”. As his restaurant is targeting high-end customers, apart from
neat decorations reminding one of the Mexico City, the restaurant also has a stage for live band and music performance.
On 31st May 2022, while Mr Luis Gonzalez was doing gardening at his house, he heard very nice music from his neighbour. It was a young lady, Miss Jane, who practised piano, violin, and flute. In 2020, Miss Jane graduated from the Australian Institute of Music.
Since she returned to Launceston in late 2020, she started her career as a music tutor. Aside from that, from time to time, she volunteers playing music in events and functions organised by the Northern Suburbs Community Centre. Mr Luis Gonzalez was very impressed by what he heard. He therefore talked to Miss Jane and invited her to perform at his restaurant on 6th June 2022 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the rate of AU$310 each day of the performance. Miss Jane agreed to perform. Then, the day came on 6th June 2022. All went well with Miss Jane’s performance of piano and violin. However, she became very nervous before performing the flute. While she was performing, her hands trembled and she sweated all over. She could not continue her performance. Despite her experiences in performing at events organised by the Northern Suburbs Community Centre, in those events, she only
performed in front of familiar faces. In any event, she demanded the 2/3 payment of the agreed price (AU$206.67) from Mr Luis Gonzalez who declined to pay her.
Miss Jane discussed this matter with you who are her friend. With
authorities and support, advise Miss Jane whether she is entitled to the 2/3 payment.
—-scenario finished–
– Any number of sources doesn’t matter
-Be approx. 2,500 words
-Be in an IRAC approach
-Harvard Referencing
**Criteria 1: Identify business law principles to solve the factual scenario involving legal problems in business and commercial industry
**Criteria 2: Apply business law principles as identified to provide appropriate solutions to legal problems and arrived at appropriate advice on the likely legal outcomes.
**Criteria 3: Be framed in terms of likely consequences if the matter proceeded to trial and discuss all potential arguments raised by the factual matrix;
**Criteria 4: Propose its contention by reference to relevant decided case laws and legal principles;
**Criteria 5: Be written in the third person. Accordingly, the sentences should be read like: “It is a legal principle…”, “The court stated that…”, “The judge held that…”. Likewise, you should also impersonate yourself in writing. Hence, sentences should be read like: “In the writer’s opinion…”, or “From the author’s point of view …”
Please please if there any questions don’t hesitate to let me know and ill find answers ASAP

– below i have attached the case study, IRAC approach and requirements again.
Thank you
Best of Luck

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