Human Resource Management

Project Overview You have been hired as the human resources manager for a start-

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Project Overview
You have been hired as the human resources manager for a start-up company. During this course, you will define your start-up organization and product and develop a comprehensive human resources plan to take the organization through the first five years. Along the way, you will apply human resources skills and gain an in-depth understanding of key human resources functional areas.
For your project, you will deliver a 1-year plan and 5-year strategy for the human resources function in this new organization. You will also choose the product or service to offer and identify the target market.
You will use all the materials and information from the HRE program to build your HR plan.
Major Deliverables
The final project deliverables are:
1. A written plan HR Plan covering key topics outlined below
2. A handout advertising the organization to potential employees. This could be used at a job fair or made available online. It should include your compensation strategy, benefits, work environment, and organizational culture.
Project Set-Up
First, choose an industry for your company
(The industry I have chosen is a mortgage company)
Company Background. The company is in Seattle, Washington, where the unemployment rate is very low, forcing companies to compete for top talent. Right now, the company is made up of the owner, operations VP, product development VP, finance VP, sales VP, and the HR manager, who all report directly to the owner.
You have been tasked to develop and execute a 1-year plan and to develop an additional 5-year strategy for an employee growth rate of 10% a year until 2025. This should include a phased approach to compensation and benefits. Other strategic considerations include:
• Employment Growth
• Office Space
• Benefits
• Recruitment
• Training & Development
You have secured a workplace with approximately 7,000 square feet that you expect to be in for at least the first 5 years. The office is located downtown Seattle, on several major bus and train lines. If your product has manufacturing and fulfillment needs, these would be housed elsewhere.
HR Budget
HR is allocated $2 million dollars, which is 40% of the total first year start-up budget of $5 million. HR is considered overhead, so decisions on HR spending need to be made with the consideration that HR is not a revenue-producing part of the company. HR management works to keep the HR costs as low as possible, while still supporting the other departments to sell and deliver the product.
For each item in the HR budget, you will complete a high-level breakdown of line items showing how you will spend the budget.

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