Task Read the following information and then answer all of the questions. Do you

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Read the following information and then answer all of the questions.
Do you enjoy kidnapping your rivals’ team mascots or toilet-papering their frat houses? If so, you might find your ideal career at College Hunks Hauling Junk. The company hires college students and recent grads to pick up the junk and take it away. The founder, Nick Friedman, had a goal of capturing that friendly rivalry so often associated with college life and turning it into profits. When the company launched in 2005, the haulers from Virginia found their truck had been lathered in shaving cream and draped with a University of Maryland flag. The Virginia haulers retaliated, and soon after, dead fish were found on the seats of Maryland’s truck. Friedman decided to use this energy as an incentive instead of condemning the unorthodox behavior. “We wanted to harness that competitive, prankster enthusiasm and channel it for good,” he said.
Friedman made a bold move and decided that instead of tracking typical key performance indicators such as revenue, average job size, and customer loyalty, he would set up his dashboard to track the volume of junk collected and the amount donated or recycled. The winning team gains such things as bragging rights and banners, modest monetary prizes, and the right to eat first at the annual company meeting. Most employees check the dashboard daily to view their own and rivals’ latest standings.
Why do you think competition is helping College Hunks Hauling Junk exceed its revenue goals?
If you were to build a team competition dashboard for your school or your work, what types of metrics would you track?
What types of motivators would you use to ensure your team is always in the green?
What types of external information would you want to be tracked in your dashboard?
Could an unethical person use the information from your dashboard to hurt your team or your organization?
What can you do to mitigate these risks?
Record your answers in a Word document and submit it here when completed.
4 points for each question( question 1-2), 3 points for each question (questions 3-6), no less than 50 words per answer.
Label each question with the question number. 2 points deduction for violation.
Cite any resources that you use in APA style format.
Your Turnitin score should be at or below 30%.

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