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Work to secure a data set for the company Nintendo. The requirement is that you will need to have at least 20 parameters and over 5,000 records. Then analyze the data and glean from the data some meaningful, insightful, and significant results and/or trends, that can be used to help with decision-making. You must use all the following analyses including descriiptive statistics, measures of central tendency and variations, correlation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, chi-square test, ANOVA, and linear regression.
Your paper should include an appendix, with an executive summary, introduction, descriiption of the nature of the data, how the data was collected, what the data was used for, and your analysis results.
Descriiptive Statistical Analysis
• Describe the data
• Time series versus cross-sectional
• Central tendency
• Variations
• Graphical representation
Exploratory and Inferential Research
• Confidence intervals
• Correlations
• Chi-Squared test
• Data reduction attempted (factors, clusters)?
• Causal relationship identified
• Hypotheses developed
• Causal relationship tested
• Linear regression
Limitations of research

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