Video guide for assessment task 1:

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Video guide for assessment task 1:
You are to present a professional development (PD) session for Psychology teachers.
Your presentation should go for no more than 30 minutes and should consist of the following:
a 5 minute overview which presents your brief overview of the session including the aim(s) and context, and
a 25 minute simulation of the professional development session.
You will need to pre-record your presentation (e.g. via Kaltura Capture or Zoom recording) and upload your presentation mp4 file to the course media gallery on BlackBoard. It is expected that you are visible on camera during your presentation.
You are also required to submit a written component in one document via TurnItIn on BlackBoard which includes the following:
An overview that shows where your PD aligns with the needs of psychology educators
A full plan that indicates where your PD fits into an overall PD strategy
Any resources used
A personal reflection outlining what you did well, what you will need to improve for next time (in both your lesson plan and presentation), and what professional learning you need to complete to improve student learning. This should also include a rationale outlining the importance of continued professional learning.

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