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Week 4 Assignment – Impacts of a Health Issue on a Care Provider Overview In you

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Week 4 Assignment – Impacts of a Health Issue on a Care Provider
In your Health Care Issue Impacts activity, you investigated where health care issues can have an impact on a provider type. In this assignment, you will take a deeper dive into these areas of impact to consider actions that providers must take to effectively address the issue.
Imagine that you work for a provider who is currently ill-prepared to or unable to serve the population associated with your identified issue. A senior leader in your organization has asked you to prepare a brief for management that highlights the 4 biggest areas of impact to consider as they weigh the options of expanded operations to serve this population.
Areas you might consider, but are not limited to, are:
Staff Training.
Compliance or Licensing.
Community Stakeholders.
Consider the scenario above and create a 3-4-page brief for the provider’s leadership in which you do the following:
Justify the priority of your four chosen areas of significant impact. Why are they the most critical?
Describe specific items within each impact area that exemplify the changes or actions that may need to be made. Include support from a credible source. For example: If the issue was epidemic or contagion preparedness, areas of concern for facilities might be sanitation, disinfection, quarantine, decontamination, personal protection equipment (PPE), et cetera.
Analyze one of the 4 areas of consideration and provide the following:
Descriiption of the primary stake holders (both internal and external if applicable – regulatory or government entities should be considered).
Descriiption of a cultural aspect that should be considered.
Recommendation, with justification, for prudent initial management action that should be taken to address the challenge(s) presented.
Support assertions with credible sources.
3-4-pages double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font.
Include a title and source page (not included in page count).
Cite a minimum of 4 resources to support your work

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