Write a Research Proposal (2,000-2,500 words) on the topic: The Impact of COVID-

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Write a Research Proposal (2,000-2,500 words) on the topic: The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Aggression Levels
Here are the requirements for the Research Proposal:
•Include a Title Page, Abstract page, and References page in APA format
•Introduction: This is the longest section of your paper. Begin with an introductory paragraph that states the purpose of the paper. Then, go into detail on your literature review. Begin with a general review of your topic and move to specific studies that are similar to your proposal. Show how your proposal is different from what has been done before. Build to a paragraph that includes your hypothesis (-ses).
•Method: This part has four sections (each of which is a subheading):
•Participants: Describe who they will be, how many, how would they be recruited, what characteristics they would have, etc.
•Apparatus/ Materials and/ or Instruments: What ingredients will you need to run your study (tests, gadgets, paper/ pencils, etc.)?
•Procedure: Outline the steps of your study in chronological order. Write in the conditional tense if the study is not going to be carried out.
•Design: Include what type of design you’re using (e.g., correlational nonexperimental design, between-subjects, within-subjects, or mixed experimental design).
•Results: This section may be combined with the Discussion section. Include a paragraph describing what statistic was used (e.g., t-test, ANOVA, correlation, chi-square), how many degrees of freedom, alpha level (choose .05), and critical value.
•Discussion (20%): Include at least four paragraphs.
•Describe what it would mean if you obtained significant results. Then describe what it would mean to obtain nonsignificant results.
•Discuss how your study followed APA ethical guidelines, by discussing the use of an informed consent form, debriefing statement, deception, and obtaining IRB permission.
•Discuss any limitations in your study (e.g., possible confounding, lack of random assignment, or random sampling).
•Conclude with a discussion of future studies that could arise from your study.
•Include two figures, OR two tables, OR a table and a figure (10%). A table is columns of numbers, and a figure is anything else (chart, map, graph, etc.). You can include your Informed Consent form and your Debriefing form as two figures.

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